1235 Highway 19  Stanton, MN 55018
 (507) 645-4030


      Coordinates 44.4741° N, 93.0151° W

           AWOS 119.35  (507) 664-3806

Achieving  your pilot's certificate (private or sport) or tailwheel endorsement is an exciting and challenging adventure. Stop in at Stanton to discuss your goals.

If you are new to aviation or returning we encourage you to check out two of the best resources for student pilots, the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA) and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Their web sites will provide you with the latest pilot certificate requirements and excellent training information. Click on the buttons below to go directly to their website pages on flight training.

Do you dream of being a pilot? Stanton Airfield is the best place for you to learn to fly:

  • Our wide grass runways make it easier for you to master the take off and landing skills you need for solo. They are especially great for tailwheel flying.
  • Having two runways gives you a choice: practice your crosswind technique if you need to, but use a different runway if you like.
  • Training begins at the beginning of your flight, unlike many metro airports where a substantial amount of each lesson is spent flying to or from a "practice area."
  • Your Stanton flight instructor is a professional, whose first priority is you
  • If your are looking for a tailwheel endorsement look no further. If you have a week to spend or a whole summer, as the midwest's leading tailwheel training facility Stanton can accommodate your schedule.