Coordinates 44.4741° N, 93.0151° W

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1235 Highway 19  Stanton, MN 55018
 (507) 645-4030


Stanton Airfield, is owned by Stanton Sport Aviation. We are a shareholder owned Minnesota corporation managed by a Board of Directors.  Unlike most airports we receive no federal, state, or local financial support.

Dedicated owners and volunteers are the backbone of our organization. We seek to preserve grass roots aviation and provide a place for people to pursue recreational aviation now and into the future.

For more information on how you can be part of Stanton Aviation please contact us.

The Birth of the Airfield

As the United States made preparation for the inevitable entry into World War II the Civilian Pilot Training Program (CPTP) became an important part of training military pilots. Carleton College formed the Carleton College Aviation Corps modeled after the CPTP. In the spring of 1942 the college offered courses in air navigation, meteorology, gasoline engines, electronics, mechanical drawing. In order to train military pilots Carleton purchased 160 acres near Stanton, Minnesota and developed Carleton Airport.

Carleton students were able to take flight training as part of CPTP from November 1942 until April 1943 theprogram was renamed the War Training Service (WTS). This program focused on the training of flight instructors for the military. Records indicate 240 students were trained by the time the program ended in 1944.

After the war Carleton students could again fly.

A flying club was established on campus. In 1944 management and instruction was assumed by Triangle Aviation, operated by Malcolm and Margaret Manuel. The Manuels purchased the airfield in 1955 and operated a flight school and charter service. The airport became home to gliders, skydivers and recreational pilots.

Modern Times

In 1990 the Manuels sold the airfield to Stanton Sport Aviation, a group of flying enthusiasts. The group works hard to maintain the grass airstrip and buildings as close to their original appearance as possible. In 2004, their efforts were recognized when Stanton was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was recognized for its role in World War II as well as the preservation of the original buildings and grass turf runways.  Stanton continues that tradition today.

More information about Stanton interesting history is on display at the Stanton History Exhibit at the airport.